The principal is most vulnerable to kidnapping or assassination while in transit.

Statistics vary, but between fifty to eighty percent of kidnappings occur while the victim is in or near his vehicle, close to the residence or office. According to the book “Just 2 Seconds”, which analyzes hundreds of attacks on public figures from 1970 to 2000, the majority happened while the victims were in or around their cars.

It is critical that a very basic preventive measure is practiced – vary the routes and times

the client commutes.

To vary routes you must know which to choose from and their pros and cons.

Preplanning two or three routes gives the personal protection team immediate

choices if one route is not suitable, e.g. heavy traffic, public demonstration, car accident,


There is generally a false sense of security while in a vehicle – whether armored or not.

The best way we can mitigate the risks of commuting is by:

• Analyzing the routes available and their risks both day and night.

• Selecting the most suitable routes depending on the destination.

• Conducting reconnaissance missions before embarking anywhere if possible.

We go in depth with each of these steps in our E-Learning course:

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