Task + Threat + Vulnerabilities = RISK.

To accurately assess risk, we must always evaluate the task; meaning the client’s mission in turn dictates our mission.

We must understand the threat analysis, which should always be completed before any risk assessments because this affects the vulnerability aspect of everything.

We constantly need to assess ‘spill-over’ risks from those close to the principal, and the people they meet and socialize with in their private and business activities, i.e. neighbors, other executives, colleagues, business associates, friends, etc.

We constantly need to identify and assess existing levels of security at various locations and in areas of concern. We need to identify the vulnerabilities that existing security measures do not or may not mitigate.

We need to identify all elements that would present a danger to the client, as well as everything that would present challenging and unfavorable conditions from a security standpoint.

We need to assess all findings and identify the resulting risks to the client. We need to review any current security plans and measures and make justified recommendations on how to improve or prepare a new plan.

A good security driver understands how to plan and prepare to reduce RISK no matter where and when they bring the principal into their care.

Good training begins here:

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